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“Being a new freelancer, Mat always has valuable answers to my questions. Because of him, I now know I will be successful.”
Kayla Weers

Freelance Graphic Designer

“In the first 10 minutes of our coaching session, Mat identified a valuable source of traffic and leads for my business.”
Brian Juhl

Freelance Web Developer


Is your freelance business stuck in a rut? Or are you a new freelancer who wants to kick-start your side hustle? Maybe you’re looking for great clients who will pay you what you’re worth (and more)? Looking for ways to work smarter, not harder? In 5 days, I will help you elevate every facet of your business: Pricing, marketing, selling, management, productivity, financial. The bottom line is—this will help your bottom line! This 5-day challenge is just the kick in the pants you need… Reserve your spot now using the form above!