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Top 7 Reasons Why LinkedIn is the Perfect Social Network for Freelance Designers

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Are you stuck trying to sustain your freelance design business with no success in sight? Well, this is what most freelance graphic designers go through every day. 

At first glance, freelancing might seem like an easy route to riches, but the truth is that it’s not. You have to do all the hard work to market your services and find quality clients.

Thankfully, with the emergence of various social media platforms, you can now market your business and find quality customers easily. Social media has become the ideal platform for freelancers and customers to interact and do business. One notable platform that every freelance designer should consider joining is LinkedIn.

Even though Facebook and Twitter are currently the two largest social media platforms today, they do not come out as ideal contenders as far as doing business is concerned.

With that said, here are the top 7 reasons why LinkedIn is the perfect social network for freelancers:

1.  Largest B2B social network on the planet

LinkedIn is arguably the largest Business-2-Business social network in the universe with over 645 million members as of 2019! To top it off, it is where all the professionals, executives, and business magnets meet and interact. This means that the people who are more likely to hire your services are on LinkedIn.

What is more intriguing is that you can search for potential clients and view their profiles, before initiating a conversation that could end up with you getting a gig. Moreover, you can use the post feature to promote your services to millions of prospective clients.

2. Growing every day

Another reason why you should join LinkedIn is that it is growing every day. Microsoft Corp acquired LinkedIn in 2016, and ever since then, the platform has experienced tremendous growth in terms of membership, unique visitors, mobile usage, page views, and job listings.

But that’s not all…

LinkedIn daily updates millions of active job listings from people seeking to hire professional freelancers and job seekers. Considering this, you essentially do not have to struggle to post your services all over the internet.

The best part is that with Microsoft firmly in control, you should expect more exciting options that you can leverage on to expand your freelancing business.

3. The best tool for connecting with other freelancers

One of the best ways of growing your freelance design business is by networking with other similar businesses. You should make extra effort to connect with other experienced freelancers and learn from them. The good news is that LinkedIn provides a strong platform for you to interact and network with business owners.

What is more amazing is that you do not have to sweat to find other freelancers in your niche. LinkedIn has a unique interface that you can use to perform an in-depth, targeted search for freelancers and potential employers.

After identifying a few experienced business owners, you should send a connection request and take your time to learn how these experienced freelance graphic designers attract clients and grow their businesses.

4. Great tool for lead generation

Lead generation is vital to the success of your marketing strategies and the sustenance of your freelancing business. In any case, you must identify potential clients and try to convert them into loyal customers.

However, the process of lead generation is not as easy as it sounds. You have to send out forms, surveys, and emails for potential customers to subscribe. The chances of customers subscribing to your lead generation forms are almost zero!

Nevertheless, with LinkedIn, your chances of acquiring quality leads are much higher. LinkedIn offers various tools for generating lead generation forms, making it easier for you to follow up on potential customers.

 5. Best platform for showcasing work samples

One of the major hurdles that freelance graphic designers face in their line of work is finding an appropriate platform to display their creative work. You may showcase your designs on popular platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and 99Designs or even on your own website. However, this can only be successful if you have plenty of online followers.

Conversely, LinkedIn is quite different in that it offers you a chance to showcase your best work to millions of potential customers for free (for the first 10 proposals)! The LinkedIn ProFinder is a dedicated marketplace tailored for freelancers. Nevertheless, you have to apply to provide your services via ProFinder.

6. Content/Ad algorithm

Just think about this for a moment…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could market your services to your target audience using personalized content? Well, LinkedIn offers you the perfect chance to reach your target market through its content/ad algorithm. The algorithm candidly selects what will show on the feeds of your target audience.

If someone (a LinkedIn member) is searching for freelance designers, your posts will show up in their feed. The most intriguing part is that your potential customers do not even have to use the search box. LinkedIn uses a machine-learning algorithm to track the interests of registered members, before displaying relevant content on their news feeds.

 7. Improved customer satisfaction

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn makes it easy for freelancers to interact with their clientele base. In case you are wondering, you can ask for testimonials and reviews, send direct messages to thank customers and create fun and engaging surveys. At the close of business, you will be able to gather insights on what works for you.

Using this data, you will be able to make improvements and adjust your service offering to fit the specific needs of your customers. LinkedIn also provides a platform to handle customer queries and any other issues that require your expertise.

The Bottom line:

If you really want to advance your personal brand and expand your freelance design business, then it is high time you joined a social media platform that is serious about your profession. LinkedIn is undeniably the perfect social network for freelancers. It allows you to connect with potential clients, interact with other business owners, promote your work, generate leads and expand your online presence. How much more can you ask for? Join LinkedIn today and create your profile!

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